What Is TOS Aurora?

TOS Aurora is the next generation of Tufin Orchestration Suite™, with newly enhanced versions of the features you rely on. With its new and modernized user interface, TOS Aurora implements a task-oriented approach of your network policy orchestration. Phase 1 of TOS Aurora replaces the following features with a scalable, modern, and enhanced version of the functionality available in the original TOS Classic, leaving the other original features intact and available for use.

  • Rule Viewer – replaces policy browser with a fully searchable and scalable mechanism for you to search, view and manage your entire physical and virtual rulebase.
  • USP 2.0 – an enhanced, scalable, and template-based tool for building and managing your USP matrices
  • Modern and enhanced menus, for easier navigation and access to the TOS Classic features
  • Tufin Open Security Policy Model, a public SDK that developers can use to externally onboard different physical and virtual devices and their security policies into TOS Aurora

TOS Aurora is a container-based application that runs in a Kubernetes cluster on Linux operating systems, including Tufin's own hardened Linux implementation, TufinOS. It is initially installed on a single server (or ' node') and we refer to this node as the initial data node.

Additional nodes can be added to the cluster for a variety of different reasons but even if you have a single node, it will always be part of a cluster.