Tiered License Usage Monitoring

Tufin automatically collects TOS usage data on devices and SecureApp applications from customers who use the tiered licensing model in order to allow better monitoring of license consumption. In the future, the license usage information will be viewable in the customer portal.

Tiered license usage is not enforced by TOS. The license usage information is sent as reports to a Tufin repository in the cloud. Tufin performs periodic audits based on these reports.

To view what type of information is collected, see TOS Usage Data.

Send Reports Automatically

By default, license usage reports are generated and stored in TOS every 24 hours. When a user logs into TOS Aurora, all unsent license usage reports are sent to Tufin. These reports are encrypted, and include all usage data collected from the site, such as the number of monitored devices and SecureApp Applications.

Once the report is received successfully by Tufin, an acknowledgment message with the most recent date a report was received will be displayed in the License Management page.

The automatic license usage report mechanism is implemented through JavaScript that runs on the end-user's browser. The JavaScript interacts with TOS to get the license usage data and forwards it as an encrypted report to a Tufin owned service running on the domain: aus.tufin.com.

This domain needs to be added to the list of allowed websites on the browser in order to prevent security alerts when access is detected from the monitored browser to Tufin's domain.

To add the domain to the list of allowed sites on your browser:

  1. Go to https://aus.tufin.com

  2. Open your security controls for the site and add the domain to the list of allowed sites.

    The domain requires all the permissions needed to interact with TOS and receive the encrypted license usage data.

Disable Automatic Usage Reports

  1. Go to Admin > Licenses.

  2. In the License Usage section > Send Automatic Usage Reports, select Off.