TufinOS 4.30 Release Notes

What is TufinOS?

TufinOS 4.30 is a hardened Linux operating system that is based on Rocky Linux 8. As a hardened OS, TufinOS includes only the RPMs and services necessary for the operation of Tufin Orchestration Suite. By removing unnecessary RPMs and services, TufinOS helps minimize the attack surface of the operating system. To maintain the integrity and security of TufinOS, we do not support installing third party RPMs.

TufinOS is updated at regular intervals, using the latest version of Rocky Linux 8.

What's New

TufinOS 4.30 supports:

  • AIDE configuration for regular file system integrity checks

  • RSyslog configuration to send logs to a remote log host

  • Enable SELinux in permissive mode

  • SSH login is available for any user who is a member of the ssh_users group (see Enabling SSH Login for non-Root Users)

  • TufinOS 4.30 is based on Rocky Linux 8.9

Build Information

Build 709533
Release Date March 2024

Image for Tufin Appliance


ISO for VMware


Upgrade image


Installing, Upgrading, and Updating

There are different procedures for installing, upgrading and updating TufinOS 4.30. These are determined according to your deployment configuration and TOS release.

Image for Tufin Appliance



Run file name TufinOS-4.30-709533-x86_64-8.9-Final.usb.img.tgz
sha256 9eecc9f414e56fd54beee611751765f75990f4c16ffac092cb2aa7967b696baa
sha1sum a165ca1bafe9e342df5317701467e64253277dd7

ISO for VMware



Run file name TufinOS-4.30-709533-x86_64-8.9-Final.iso.tgz
sha256 158390250d6c5984901beea23292d97a622286220cbcafa2b9fc9d3bc125f02a
sha1sum c5eeae6a100edafd34768175fdc81282b4eeb49b

Upgrade Image



Run file name TufinOS-4.30-709533-x86_64-8.9-Final-Update.run.tgz
sha256 2d96d120d3924b7b336e8ee982993710fcdea5779ff635a5bc44cc58ccecdefe
sha1sum f3ed6a56bf6d632869683032c333fb1b04e4fd47

RPMs and CVEs

For a full listing of RPMs that have been added or updated in this release, see the TufinOS Hardening Guide. The TufinOS Hardening Guide also lists all CVEs that are fixed by updates to this version.