Unified Security Policy

A Unified Security Policy (USP) is a matrix that defines your network security policy - the traffic you want to allow between your Network Zones. SecureTrack monitors your actual network segmentation and measures it against your policy, highlighting policy violations.

Maintaining the desired network segmentation can be a difficult task, given the long and complex rulebases typical in many organizations and the constant influx of change requests. The USP lets you centrally manage policy violations and exceptions for continuous compliance and risk management, and to streamline operations.

You can create as many USP matrices as you need. The requirements defined in your collection of Unified Security Policy matrices lets you bolster your network security posture against today’s cyber threats, and achieve ongoing compliance with both regulatory and internal security best practices.

A security zone matrix is a set of requirements of rule definitions which identifies traffic that must be blocked or allowed between the security zones that you define in the Zones browser. At a glance you can review these requirements in an easy-to-read, color-coded matrix and see if changes need to be made. You can define a matrix with requirements from industry standards, such as NERC CIP, or internal corporate network requirements.

The USP can be viewed and changed in the USP Viewer.