Open Stack

Open Stack

Dashboard Widgets

General (General overview of the system)

Audit (The number of rules with expired access or will have access expire within the next month)

Recent Changes (Rules and devices with changes in the past 30 days)


Object Lookup (See Object Lookup)

Changes (see Change Browser)

Change Management

Change Management (Policy and Side-by-Side policy change comparison in the Compare tab, Comparison report, and New Revision report)

Display IPv6 objects

Graphical Policy (Policies are displayed in SecureTrack as they are shown in the vendor's management software)

Real-time Monitoring (Regularly automatically fetches policy information from the device)

Notes for Open Stack

  • Real-time monitoring uses device polling.

  • Only these reports are supported: Advanced Change, Object Change, Rule Change.

  • For Object Lookup, to see the objects in a VM instance in the search results you must show results for "Objects and Related Groups".

  • Auditing support does not include PCI DSS, Compliance Policies and Unified Security Policy.