Configuring GAiA and Gateway OS Monitoring

This is a Legacy Feature. It is available only if it was already in use in an old deployment that has since been upgraded to this release.

This feature is not available for Check Point R81 devices as these devices cannot be configured with SNMP in SecureTrack.

To configure Firewall OS Monitoring for a GAiA gateway:

  1. Make sure SecureTrack has received at least one policy revision from the relevant Check Point management server (SmartCenter or CMA).
  2. Log into the Gaia Portal of the gateway , and go to: System Management > SNMP.
  3. In SNMP General Settings, select Enable SNMP Agent:
  4. Add a user account for authentication:

    1. In V3 - User-Based Security Model (USM), click Add.
    2. Enter a name for the user.
    3. For the Security Level, select: authNoPriv
    4. For the User Permissions, select: read-write
    5. Enter a passphrase. Remember the username and password for later use.

      To simplify importing the gateways to SecureTrack in the following steps, use the same authentication information for as many gateways as possible.

    6. Click Save.
  5. Click to save the configuration changes.
  6. To verify that the changes are saved, open a command line to the gateway and run:

    show snmp usm user

  7. In SecureTrack, go to Monitoring > Manage Devices:

    Add Devices

  8. Select the managing SmartCenter or CMA, and click Import Firewall Modules:

    Import gateways

  9. From the device list, select the gateways to be imported, and supply the SNMP username and passphrase that you configured on the gateways.

    All gateways imported at one time must use the same SNMP authentication username and passphrase. Gateways which use different SNMP credentials must be separately imported. It is also possible to later edit the information for each gateway separately.

  10. To include SNMP encryption select AuthPriv from the Mode field and complete the fields as required.

  11. Click Next.
  12. For gateways with multiple interfaces, select an interface routable from SecureTrack.
  13. Click Save.

The gateways now appear in the Device Configuration list.

The SNMP polling frequency is 5 minutes. You can change this setting.