What's New in Tufin Orchestration Suite R21-1?

Manage and Automate Change Processes for External Platforms

SecureChange can be integrated with SecureCloud, allowing you to create automated workflows that include Azure devices. Change requests can be handled from on-prem devices to Azure cloud, from Azure cloud to on-prem devices, or even inside Azure cloud- between VNETS, and within the same VNET.

This integration allows you to import Azure ASGs (Application Security Groups) to the source or destination of Access Requests and take full advantage of SecureChange’s automation tools:

  • Auto suggest target
  • Risk analysis
  • Designer (for on-prem devices only)
  • Provisioning for on-prem with SecureTrack and for Azure-by SecureCloud
  • Automatically provision changes to Azure’s NSGs
  • Verifier (for on-prem devices only)

Support for Related Tickets

In an Access Request, if you open an existing Designer suggestion or run new Provisioning to update a device, TOS checks whether there are other related tickets on the same device that will impact the update.

If there are conflicting tickets, which have already generated revisions, SecureChange will prompt you to Redesign so that Designer can include the related tickets in its recommendations. If there are conflicting tickets but SecureChange has not yet received revisions, a warning message is displayed that there are conflicting tickets that are waiting for revision, and Redesign will be available once they arrive.