SecureApp Features by Vendor

These SecureApp features are supported for monitorable devices:



Check Point

Microsoft Azure
Palo Alto Networks

VMware NSX

Amazon AWS

Connections Import (setup tool)

Connections Discovery (using logs)

Application\Connection Status

Connection Analysis


Application Connectivity Map

Application Decommission

Cloud Console




Create Ticket

Notes for specific devices

  • Cisco ACI: You can migrate from an ACI application, but you cannot migrate to an ACI application.

    Cisco ACI is not supported in TOS Aurora

  • VMware NSX:Application connectivity status and discovery is available for North-South traffic.

  • Palo Alto Panorama: If the device is running in a Distributed Architecture environment and you are working with an External Dynamic List (EDL), then the device must be monitored on the Central Server and not on the Remote Collectors or Distribution Servers.