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R18-3 is the latest supported GA. For information about the latest General Availability release, go to the latest Tufin Knowledge Center.


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SecureTrack User Guide PDF User Guide

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  • 2.17 (available only as patch for direct upgrade)
  • 2.16 (available only as patch for direct upgrade)
  • 2.15
  • 2.14


SecureTrack User Guide PDF User Guide

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TOS Upgrade Notification: Upgrading to Tufin Orchestration Suite R18-1 and above requires TufinOS 2.14 or above, RHEL 6, CentOS 6.

TufinOS Upgrade Notification: If you are upgrading to TufinOS 2.15, see the TufinOS Upgrade Notification for compatibility requirements.

  • Prior to upgrading to R17-3 or above you must fill in the "Administrator DN" field (SecureTrack > Settings > Configuration > External Authentication). After the upgrade has completed, the title of the field will be renamed to "LDAP Bind DN".
  • If your TOS deployment uses a Distributed Architecture configuration, you may need to upgrade sTunnel. See sTunnel Patch Installation Instructions in the Customer Portal for details.
  • Preserve your SSL certificate and configuration customizations during an upgrade to Tufin Orchestration Suite. See Customizing SSL or Virtual Host Configuration for details. (for R17-3 HF3 and above)
  • Policy Advisor reached its “end of life” (EOL). Use the expanded and enhanced capabilities provided by SecureChange Designer to plan and provision changes to device policies.
  • Creating and updating a SecureChange ticket via SOAP protocol will reach it's “end of life” (EOL) support effective TOS R18-1. Use the expanded and enhanced functionality provided by the SecureChange REST APIs to create and manage change requests.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Classic devices has reached it's “end of life” (EOL) support in TOS R17-2. Tufin now supports Azure Resource Manager. All Azure Classic devices that are being monitored by SecureTrack will be removed during the upgrade process. We recommend that you backup TOS and archive the backup file, to retain policy change history and other relevant information for future reference.