Clone Server Policy Field

The Clone Server Policy field lets you add the access permissions for new servers into your security policy, modeled on an existing server in your security policy. For example, you can add new servers and to your network, which require the exact access permissions defined in your security policy for server The Clone Server Policy workflow will add the new servers and to all rules and object groups in your security policy that includes server

See SecureChange Features by Vendor for devices that support this workflow.

The Clone Server Policy workflow supports only single domain mode and Segregated Domains mode.

Below are some examples where Clone Server Policy workflow can be used:

Implementation Logic

The following examples demonstrate the implementation principles which apply to both hierarchical policies and non-hierarchical policies:

Creating a Clone Server Policy Field

When you configure the Clone Server Policy field in a workflow step, the Field display name and Tooltip text are the same for every step that the field is added to. All other settings apply only to the current step: