Welcome to Security Policy Builder

Security Policy Builder (SPB) is a Tufin extension (formerly Tufin Marketplace app) that helps organizations build and deploy their corporate access network segmentation framework and expand their utilization of Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS). SPB is only available for TOS Aurora.

SPB analyzes rules to build and maintain Unified Security Policies (USPs), which are used by TOS to ensure that your access policies comply with your corporate or legislative network standards. Analyzing your network access across each enforcement point is often an overwhelmingly large task. SPB automates that task by using selected SecureTrack security zones, monitored network security devices, and cloud platforms to build or update USPs that accurately reflect the current state of your access enforcement.

USPs are valuable tools in TOS because your network landscape is continually evolving: network access is added and removed, employees come and go, and network access rules quickly become outdated. USPs present the current state of your network zone interactions.

With SPB, you use an automated and iterative approach to analyze access, generate USPs, and modify USPs over time so that they always reflect your business' specific security requirements. SPB translates these requirements into Tufin's unique capability to reflect network and cloud segmentation strategies. SPB interfaces with SecureTrack to analyze USPs based on monitored access enforcement points, such as firewall devices, routers, and security groups in the cloud. Building and updating USPs throughout the integrated SPB extension enables the rapid design and implementation of your network access risk framework to conduct accurate risk assessments when processing access requests in SecureChange access request workflows.

Customers who maintain an IPAM/DDI solution can use the IPAM Security Policy App (ISPA) to auto-create and maintain your SecureTrack security zones over time, which streamlines the generation and maintenance of USPs using the SPB.