Cloud Security Policy


The Cloud Security Policy is a collection of policies, each of which contains rules defining the access or communication channels that should and/or should not be allowed to and from your assets. Together they constitute a baseline against which the configurations of your security controls and other settings are measured giving you an up-to-date picture of how the configuration of your vendor security controls, such as security groups, comply with your cloud security policy. Instances of non-compliance with your cloud security policy are considered violations.

New SecureCloud accounts come with a default Cloud Security Policy consisting of a single policy, allowing https access from the internet to any destination in your cloud. Modify or delete as needed.

What Can I See Here?

All defined policies appear in the list with their name, description and severity. Initially there is a single default policy.

What Can I Do Here?

Add a Policy

  1. Click Add policy.

    The Create Policy window appears.

  2. Enter the policy name and optional description.

  3. Select a severity (High, Medium, or Low). This value represents the default severity for rules in the policy.

  4. Click Create.

    The rules page appears for the new policy

  5. Continue with adding policy rules.

Edit a Policy

  1. Hover over the desired policy and select > Edit policy. The Edit Policy window appears.
  2. Make changes as necessary and click Save.

Delete a Policy

  1. Hover over the desired policy and select > Delete policy. A warning appears.
  2. Click Delete policyto confirm. The policy and all of its rules will be deleted.

How Do I Get Here?

Main Menu > Cloud Security Policy