How to Work With SecureCloud

This topic is an overview of how to get up and running with SecureCloud, from getting started to using all functions.

  1. Read and understand the main concepts of global application visibility and policy.

  2. See how to Navigating SecureCloud.
  3. Monitor your public cloud security:

    • Add your Cloud Accounts to SecureCloud.
    • Make sure all your assets (cloud resources) have asset tags or Custom Tags to help you create logical groups of resources such as applications.
    • Tell SecureCloud how to identify your applications, using Asset Grouping.
    • Get visibility and identify security risks by reviewing the Dashboard,
    • Configure Policy Rules to specify the communication that should be allowed between assets.
    • Discover violations and other features of SecureCloud such as Cloud Graph, Application List and Assets.
    SecureCloud has a built-in onboarding 'wizard' that gets you through the first steps. It appears automatically the first time you log in to the system. Thereafter, you can run it whenever you like. Click the Help icon at the top of the screen and select On-boarding from the menu.
  4. Add users to your account and setup SSO single signon using Microsoft Azure Active Directory if required.
  5. Use the reference guide as needed or, better still, spend an hour reading it all to discover just how much you can learn about your cloud security through SecureCloud.